Cyber security and networking

Keeping our and customer information secure is one of the major challenges in the current digital world. As the internet world is rapidly changing and becoming more advance, it poses a bigger threat to the information security. Owing to its complexity, a lot has to be done in this area to protect our customer information.

Keeping the above in mind, we provide solutions to our customers with specific tools/software’s for new and existing infrastructure to prevent theft of data.

There are some defined tools to secure our information
♦ Access control
♦ Anti-malware software
♦ Anomaly detection
♦ Application security
♦ Email security
♦ Endpoint security
♦ Network segmentation
  ♦ Firewall
♦ Intrusion prevention systems
♦ Security information and event management (SIEM)
♦ Virtual private network (VPN)
♦ Web security
♦ Wireless security

Network infrastructure should be well planned as well as Cyber security. Network is the backbone for any company or organization, so we required to be implement with best topologies and network devices.

Upcoming technologies:
♦ Software Defined Networking (SDN)
♦ Multi Cloud Technology
♦ Cloud Repatriation
♦ Edge Computing
♦ Internet of Things (IoT)
♦ Artificial Intelligence (AI)
♦ Intent Based Networking
♦ Wireless Data Links for Drones
  ♦ expressive Internet Architecture
♦ Quantum Computing
♦ 5G Network Technologies
♦ Business-wide Networking Fabric
♦ Server-less Computing
♦ Digital Twin
♦ Nano Network Technology
♦ Machine Learning